Caught twice cheating (I'm stupid :()

<p>Hello everyone. I am here for some sort of advise or words of experience. I have been caught twice on my cellphone during an exam by the same professor. The first time it happened, I was texting on it and the professor thought I was cheating, but really wasn't. He let it go. Last night, during my final exam, I got caught again. This time I was really on Google trying to find some answers to a few (3) questions I didn't know the answer to. The professor comes up to me and asks me to hand him my exam and exit his classroom, so I did. I went home feeling like complete crap and emailed the professor apologizing for the incident. Now my question is, what should I be expecting from this. It is the first time this happens to me and I am really worried about the consequences. I am really stupid for making the same mistake twice, especially after being excused the first time. I did it out of desperation because I really need to pass all my classes this semester to stay in my school's business program. I appreciate any information anyone can give me on this situation.</p>

<p>You need to ask your administration office what the school policy is. I can venture a guess that you are about to learn that your actions have consequences.</p>

<p>I'm sorry you did not learn from the first occurrence. I really can't understand why people can't stop texting in class...exam or not. It's really disrespectful to the professor but I digress...</p>

<p>You are going to earn an automatic F on your exam. There should be no doubt about that. Since you actually were using your phone to cheat, there's a possibility that you'll automatically earn an F in the course and that this might go on your academic record. However, this is up to the school/professor's specific policies on academic dishonesty, I'm guessing. Look them up, they are supposed to be on the course syllabus. Some schools opt for suspension/expulsion but I doubt that'll happen to you because of a single instance of blatant cheating, as serious as it is.</p>

<p>The pressure to cheat to get an A is ALWAYS there ( for most of us).</p>

<p>What keeps me from doing it is, that I know if I start now as a freshman then I am going to end up doing it again as an upper class man. And I know I would never be able to look my parents in the eye. An earned grade F is better than a forced one.</p>

<p>I am sympathetic, hopefully you get 3 strikes, this being you second. But COME ON, the SAME professor....</p>

<p>Hopefully you get expelled because obviously you are too stupid to be an adult in college. Who in their right mind texts during an exam?</p>

<p>Most people are too stupid to be an adult in college.</p>

<p>I just received this reply from the email I sent him last night:</p>

<p>Dear xxxx,</p>

<p>Thank you for your email. Unfortunately this is not the first time you have made this mistake. I am waiting to hear about what needs to happen next and I will get back to you when I have more information. I appreciate your apology.</p>


<p>Life can't get any worst than this right now.</p>

<p>It's a bit ironic that you did that in order to stay in your school's business program when the consequence of getting caught far outweighs the consequence of even failing the course.</p>

<p>What the. What school is this???</p>

<p>@ThisMortalSoil - I know that is so true. I was being so stupid, and it took me getting into this much trouble to realize it.</p>

<p>@altruition - Its URI, I feel like this situation is being a little exaggerated considering the school. I would expect something like this from an actual prestigious school. This is probably why I didn't think much about trying to cheat during the exam. I feel so stupid saying this. :(</p>

<p>Grow up NOW or you don't deserve to be at college. You are wasting time and money by being there unless you act like an adult and earn your grades the honest way.</p>

<p>I promised myself I would not start cheating in college. In high school it's fine, but in college it's a different story with way more damaging consequences. In my mind cheating is high school behavior.</p>

<p>I don't think it should be fine to cheat in high school (set up bad habit). </p>

<p>At my university, cheating leads to expulsion for better and worse. Its effective in discouraging students from cheating.</p>

<p>URI?? For some reason I thought this was HS. You think cheating at URI should be acceptable? I don't think you've learned anything from this except regretting being caught. Perhaps after expulsion you will have some time to reevaluate your choices for post-high school eduation.</p>

<p>I doubt you'd be kicked from the school, but probably just receive an F on that particular exam grade, and take your chances with the business department.</p>

<p>I personally would rather do poorly on a exam then cheat my way through it.. Very dishonorable and your building yourself on a empty foundation.. Which what will happen sooner or later...collapse. </p>

<p>You will likely fail the exam, might have received a write up. In all you might haft to re take the class again and have the opportunity to make yourself honorable, honest, and good student.</p>

<p>If this were a private school, you'd be ultra screwed. What was the exam even on?</p>

If this were a private school, you'd be ultra screwed. What was the exam even on?


<p>Private school with an honor code = OP would be at best suspended, probably for multiple semesters, along with an F in the course.</p>

<p>It sounds like the prof is going to try for more than just failing you in the exam, which means you're at risk of at least failing the course.</p>

<p>Also, this will almost certainly go on your permanent internal record, and grad schools to which you apply will most likely find out that you have an academic integrity violation. If you get caught again, you'll probably be suspended/expelled.</p>

<p>You need to review the academic dishonesty policies and procedures for your school ASAP. At this point, your prof has probably notified the Chairman of the Department with respect to the incident. In addition, s/he may be waiting for a response from the Dean of Students with respect to how to proceed under school's academic policies and procedures. The prof had major latitude with respect to how to treat the first time s/he found you with the cell phone. As you know, you were given a major gift that time. </p>

<p>Unfortunately, this second incident during a final exam gives the prof far less flexibility as to how to proceed. The situation will probably have major consequences that may include review by an academic honor council,. There is a possibility that you will receive an incomplete for the course at the present time until the events are reviewed and penalties are assigned. An unfavorable finding by the Disciplinary Committee could include an F for the course; suspension or dismissal from school; and/or documentation on your transcript regarding academic dishonesty. </p>

<p>Remember that "Those who can access education records under FERPA (Federal Education Right to Privacy Act) include "Officials of other schools or school systems to which the student is being transferred. ...."
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<p>The bottomline is that it is time to grow up. Come on texting and then cheating using your cell phone. How obvious can you get?</p>

<p>Take this as a life lesson. I suggest that you make an appointment with the Dean and let him or her know that this experience has changed you. And this will not only never happen again that you realize how wrong it was. Make a commitment to change your attitude and approach to your education from this point on. And that you consider a privilage to be a student at their institution.</p>

<p>You need to do this asap in my opinion. Time to grow UP.</p>