CB has sent my SAT scores to CUNY UPAC, but when i check the application status on

<p>CUNY portal, it gives me this message "You must fulfill the following requirements in order to continue processing your application:</p>

<p>The City University of New York requires SAT or ACT scores for entering freshmen applying for admission to a Baccalureate Program. Unfortunately, we cannot consider you for admission to a Baccalureate program until you forward your SAT or ACT scores. You may submit your scores in one of the following ways: 1. You may send a copy of your SAT or ACT scores report by attaching to your Document Return Receipt and return to UAPC. 2. You may request Educational Testing Service to send your SAT scores or ACT to send your assessment scores - directly to UAPC using institution code 2950. 3. You may contact your High School college advisor to receive help with obtaining your scores. If you have not taken the SAT or ACT, please consult your High School advisor to register for either exam." CB says they sent it on Nov 3rd btw. Why didnt CUNY get em?</p>

<p>yo same thing happening to me. I ordered score report on Oct. 30th and it said "sent on Nov. 3", but the college website says they haven't got it yet. I dont know if it's the college website that didn't update yet, or if collegeboard is not surprisingly ripping people off as usual.</p>

<p>If Cuny is like others it can take a week to ten days after the college has received your score to show receipt of your score in your on-line file.</p>

<p>hey i have the same problem right now and idk what to do. can you please let me know what you end up doing?</p>