CB Online course?

<p>I just took the pretest from the online course, and it isn't giving me any information...it says "completed" but when I click to check my report, it just says "This report does not contain any data. Please click Change Report Criteria to view another report."...anybody else experience this or know what the problem could be?</p>

<p>me too.
does anybody here know what's the problem with the pretest?</p>

<p>this sucks...I mean I spent 3.5 hours taking it, and it's just not working...completely pointless.</p>

<p>cry me a river</p>

<p>If student’s responses are not displaying on the Question & Answer report, it is because the browser is not configured to check for the latest version of content from our server. To update the browser setting, click on Tools, then Internet Options. On the General tab, click on the Settings button. Select Every Visit To The Page.</p>

<p>It still doesn't work, but thanks for the help...</p>