CB Recheck Plicy

<p>My girlfriend, who has been straight A student all her life, got a 1260(650M,610V) on the Oct SAT I. She does not want to repeat the test again, and swears that she could not have made more than 4 or 5 mistakes on the Math Section. </p>

<p>I know that CB has Score Cancellation, but is there any way that she can have her answer sheet rechecked, preferably by hand. </p>

<p>If anybody out there has any idea on the matter, plz respond. She is in the worst condition of her life. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

<p>i think you can pay them to recheck it.</p>

<p>however, my guess is that less than 1/50 people who do that actually get a different score back.</p>

<p>the SAT is unpredictable. i didn't think i got any wrong on the math section, i got a 710. she probably made a bunch of careless errors that she's not aware of.</p>

<p>i recommend retaking it, because she'll probably do better.</p>

<p>i thought i only got 4 wrong and got a 700 and i was usually getting 800 on the math on practice tests. so yea i agree the SAT is unpredictable. she should retake it instead.</p>

<p>It would probably only take 5-7 mistakes on math to get a 650. Like davidn08 said, many people think they do much better on math than they actually did (me included :( ) I would say she should retake it too. There's a girl at my school who was sort of in the same position and the first time she got a 1370, second time a 1450, and the third time a 1530. So, my point is, it can't hurt for her to try it again and she has a good chance of improvement.</p>