CB Recheck Policy (Emergency)

<p>My girlfriend, who has been straight A student all her life, got a 1260(650M,610V) on the Oct SAT I. She does not want to repeat the test again, and swears that she could not have made more than 4 or 5 mistakes on the Math Section. </p>

<p>I know that CB has Score Cancellation, but is there any way that she can have her answer sheet rechecked, preferably by hand. </p>

<p>If anybody out there has any idea on the matter, plz respond. She is in the worst condition of her life. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

<p>there is handscoring if she wants it remarked, but she'll have to pay extra though. i would give you the link to the webpage with more info, but the collegeboard site is down right now. try calling CB or go to the search button on <a href="http://www.collegeboard.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.collegeboard.com&lt;/a> and type in "hand scoring" - you might have some luck once their server is running again.</p>

<p>oh, got it: here's the link to try later
<a href="http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/sat/scores/sending/handscore.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/sat/scores/sending/handscore.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>gianievve - you are an absolute angel.
Thank you.</p>

<p>what if the hand score results in a lower score? DO they give you the lower score?</p>

<p>Mello, I have not read any poster on CC ever say they received a higher score after hand-scoring...if your gf gets one, please post the news!</p>

<p>There is one way to get a poor score even though you feel sure you only missed a few, and that is to mis-bubble the answer sheet. By this I mean if there are 30 questions, and and she paused on number 15, thinking "A or B?" and then wrote the answer for 15 into the slot for 16, well...you get the idea. She would "know" that she answered the questions correctly but whether graded by machine or by hand, she missed most of the last fifteen problems in that section of the test.</p>

<p>If this is the problem then she needs to re-take the SAT I to get a score that reflects her real level of ability.</p>