CB website down?

<p>Temporarily unavailable?</p>

<p>I can't log in. Anyone else having the same problem?</p>

<p>Same problem. I think the website is down. :(</p>

<p>Yep. Does anyone else find this slightly humorous? I mean think about the thousands of students who are absolutely freaking out right now. :)</p>

<p>too many people trying to access it at once...my request: please get off as soon as you've had a glance at your scores...some of us are dying to know how we did!</p>

<p>Can't access scores, sigh.</p>

<p>same problem------> is it really because of over access?</p>

<p>This really sucks. College board should really upgrade to a new server or something.</p>

<p>eww college board is awful</p>

<p>What's CB's phone number to access the scores?</p>


<p>that costs money though</p>

<p>yeah, but you can at least tell if your scores are in. Mine are, but i cant log in on the website (i think it's down now)</p>

<p>The WHOLE Collegeboard website is down now. First the scores, then the domain, now what...the Internet? All you screaming teenagers quit trying to access the collegeboard website!</p>