CBD, what do you think?

My son gave me 2 caramel candies with CBD oil in them last December. I knew nothing about them. My back was hurting this weekend, so I thought I would try them. It did nothing for my back. However…I’ve not fully recovered from my foot surgery last year, up and down. In January, I finally went back to my doc because I believed I had tendinitis and it hurt to walk with a shoe and the top of my foot and toes ached a lot. He put me on a anti inflammatory for a month and that helped tremendously, but it hasn’t gone away completely.

Well, the candies didn’t do anything for my back, but I noticed that night while we were out (in my block heels even), that my foot wasn’t hurting at all. It’s felt pretty good yesterday, perhaps a little more sore today, but not much. There is a new CBD store that just opened and I popped in today to ask about a topical cream. I tried it and about 20 minutes laster it did feel better. She said it only lasts a few hours though, but the tincture that you ingest lasts for 6 to 8 hours.

My doc wants to try shock wave therapy, if I’m still having issues. Considering he doesn’t know exactly what is wrong, he must have bought a new machine. I mean, what is he treating if he doesn’t know exactly what it is!?

I’ve always been a slow healer, so maybe the one year deadline they gave us is going to be longer for me. But until them perhaps using CBD when needed might be a good thing. It’s expensive. $90 for the cream and $70 for the tincture.

Does anyone use this, know much about it?

A friend of mine had some in a glass of water. She said it make her mellow, but not high. I might try it.

They told me that you can purchase the tincture with less than .03 THC in it or not. It will just relax, that is what she must have had. I don’t need that.

My DIL uses it for menstrual cramps. She feels it helps.
I used an ointment on my knee at night when I had my torn meniscus. Advil worked well for the pain but I bruise easily and I kept bleeding all over everything. My ointment did contain THC. I was told that you get better pain relief if the cream or balm has some THC. I bought it through a friend and it was around $40 for a fairly good sized tin. I’ve since also used it when I’m going out in heels. What I dislike is that it does slightly smell like skunk when you first apply it. I’m in Ca so it’s legal in my state. I’ve not tried ingesting any products.

My daughter just started using it for migraines.

I’m having shoulder surgery next week and my endocrinologist suggested I try it for the pain. She said there were drops you took. I have no idea how to find it. I don’t want the kind with thc.

They had the drops in the store and said those only worked for a couple hours, so I guess you just keep taking the . I thought this store was expensive,

Honestly, CBD has never done jack for my pain. I’ve used oil, ingested it, tried different doses, etc.

Weed, on the other hand, does wonders for my pain. I use strands with lower THC than naturally occurs but I need the THC. It makes me forget about the pain because if I focus on the pain, it’s still there. If I just let the weed do what it does, the pain mostly goes away.

FWIW, one of the natural things that does work really well for my joints is white flower oil. My mom always tries to get me to try “natural” things and this was one that actually worked.

The White Flower Oil is definitely a lot cheaper than the other. I might try that first. Thanks @romanigypsyeyes

It is definitely expensive. I spent $180 this past weekend on various products.
I try not to have THC with the CBD even though that is the most effective. H went to a CBD Continuing Education Class at the medical school. They advised that some THC with the CBD is most effective. THC was my good friendly friend in the 1970’s. Not so much anymore and I seriously do not want to use it and drive. CBD from Hemp or Tree Bark is ok for driving a car.

GRON CBD is made from tree bark and is the most delicious chocolate ever. Also they have a chocolate and a caramel sauce which is too good to be true (can order online). I buy their dark chocolate with sea salt.

Mr. Moxleys mints are super relaxing and I use when I wake up too early and need more sleep.

The tinctures are the most effective. I just cannot get past the mouth feel. Taking a bite of peanut butter first is the best I have found.

The amount I bought this weekend will last me for many months and I often gift it to friends.
I have a topical that I rub in and that does help for a few hours. Especially when I wake up in the middle of the night from pain.

I am not against THC but even 5 mg makes me uncomfortably high.
My 24 year old self lives in dismay!

CBD seems all the rage these days. But I think there’s a difference between Hemp CBD and marijuana CBD. Anecdotal evidence suggests the marijuana based CBD works better. Of course that form is highly regulated and/or illegal in many states. The stuff available everywhere to everyone is from Hemp. But it may not be all that effective. Good luck.

A friend at work gave me some cbd oil lotion to try for a problem I was having with pain in one of my legs.It didn’t do a thing for that and I threw it in the back of a drawer.

Fast forward about 6 months and out of nowhere, the muscle on my right eyebrow starts twitching. I’ve never had anything like that happen. From the start it was a very rhythmic twitch, and initially just annoying. After about 12 hours it was distracting and I tried everything I could think of…massaging it, hot compress, a pretty potent prescription muscle relaxant, etc. Nothing worked After more than 24 hours it was starting to be mildly painful. Then it crossed my mind that I should go to the “dispensary” and get some ingestible weed product. Why I thought that I don’t know, because I never get sick and I never have put any stock in herbal remedies. I’ve never used weed in any variety, but that random thought reminded me about the lotion, so I put some on my eyebrow and in less than 2 minutes the twitching stopped.

There is 0 chance that was a coincidence.

I don’t dispute that CBD from marijuana is superior to hemp or tree bark. The problem remains tha CBB from marijuana always includes THC. Even 5 mg of THC is a high for me and not what I am looking for esp in the middle of the day.

Am I the only one who is COMPLETELY uneducated in all these initials and names and treatments and how you get it and what is enough, too much, whatever?

I need an infographic to explain what all this is and purposes!

(clearly I’ve been hearing about CBD and stuff - but I don’t really understand why it is suddenly a hot ticket)

I’ve tried Hemp CBD - didn’t really help for pain (ie, normal achy back-joint pain), but I did notice a feeling of less stress. Especially at work - felt I could focus well and not get worked up about things. Definitely not a “high”.

@abasket cbd is the part of weed that isnt hallucinogenic. It’s claimed it helps everything from anxiety to arthritis. Medical grade cbd is used by doctors to treat seizures and some are using it for pain management.

The problem is that over the counter cbd isn’t regulated. It’s never going to hurt you but most otc cbd is so diluted that even if it did do something, there’s not enough to do anything.

I’ve used pure medical grade oil and it does nothing for my pain.

It’s weed without thc, the part of weed that makes you high. You can buy weed with differing amounts of thc.

My parents have been legalization advocates for decades so several family friends own or run dispensaries. Like most medicine, it took some trial and error to find the stand and dose of marijuana that worked well for me.

^^SUPER helpful @romanigypsyeyes . Thank you.

So is the legalization in (some) states the reason this is all of a sudden more prevalent??

Yes, it’s the legalization factor. I was not familiar with it either and still learning.

Nah, CBD has been legal in most states (I think ~30) for years. It’s just started to enter the public consciousness for whatever reason. Kind of like coconut oil and essential oils.

It’s often marketed as marijuana without the high but it’s really… not lol.

Just legal in my state last year.