CC/4year to USC or Stanford?

<p>Hey I know that for the UC system its easier to get in from a community college than from another university however does anyone know if that holds true for USC or Stanford? I was just wondering for private schools in general because I do have an option between a CC, UCSD (I already decided I'm for sure not going there), or UCI (going into medical field) but I'm probably leaning towards transferring to a private school rather than UCLA or UCB.</p>

<p>Also if anyone has transfer rates from the private schools (in particular USC and Stanford) for cc transfers and 4year transfers I would greatly appreciate them! </p>


<p>I believe Stanford accepted 20 transfers out of 1400ish last year, which is like a 1.4% acceptance rate.</p>

<p>Not a chance of transfer for Stanford. If anyone thinks regular admissions is hard, then transfer rates are just ridiculous.</p>

<p>California CC's have offices that handle transfer applications and placement. If you made an appointment to visit that office at your local CC (assuming you're in California), they would be able to give you accurate, current info. The transfer rates to Stanford do look pretty bleak, no matter where you transfer from, but I believe that USC is more hospitable. You might want to quickly get in contact with the USC admissions officer for your high school (They are organized geographically.) and ask about transferring from a CC versus tranferring from a UC. (I don't know, but if it turns out that you'd have a better shot transferring from a UC than from a CC, you might want to figure that into your decision.) I'm wondering why you've decided not to attend UCSD or UCI as a premed. UC admissions were so brutal this year, with kids with over 4.0 gpas being rejected all over, that getting into both of those campuses is a real feat. Don't they both have strong science programs, research opportunities, and solid admissions stats for medical schools? Not to mention, you would be able to have a different kind of freshman experience if you chose to live on campus and immerse yourself in college activities instead of attending a commuter campus.</p>

<p>I guarantee you will not be able to transfer from a CC to Stanford.</p>

<p>Well the school I orginally wanted to attend was UCLA but I didn't get in and if i went to UCI I would be commuting as well for the next 4 years? I really want a change so thats why I was thinking being stuck at a CC for 2 years then transferring wouldn't be such a bad idea. Okay, so Stanford is out of the picture? Thats alrightt but how about USC? I've visited UCSD and I just really don't like it thats all. For USC would it be a better idea to just go to UCI and try to transfer? I'm thinking CC to UCLA would be pretty sweeet but I'm scared doing that might destroy all chances of getting into a private school if i later choose to do so! Anymore comments? THanks!</p>

<p>Caillebotte, Gryffon5147 --</p>

<p>That is surprising to me regardig Stanford. When I was there mid 70's, one of my doormates had transferred in from Foothill College, which is a JC in the area. My wife's good friend from Menlo Atherton high school did the same thing, also mid 70's.</p>

<p>Perhaps they've changed their policy wrt admits from local JCs.</p>

<p>DunninLA: I'm pretty sure Stanford still accepts CC transfers, however, given that they only admit ~20 people total, I think students applying from other prestigeous colleges would have the natural advantage.</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>how'd you know if you got into UCLA yet, they havent released transfer admission decisions?</p>


I guarantee you will not be able to transfer from a CC to Stanford.


<p>clearly, you got no idea. this comes directly from the stanford faq for rejected students (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Can I apply again as a transfer student?</p>

<p>Applicants who are not offered admission are eligible to apply as a transfer student in a future year. We use the same admission criteria, however, when evaluating transfer applications and we have a similarly qualified transfer applicant pool. It is also important to note that the transfer admission process is even more competitive than freshman admission. In recent years, less than 5% of transfer applicants have been admitted. When reviewing applicants with only one year of college work, we focus primarily on high school grades, test scores and activities. When the applicant has attended college full time for two years, the strength of the college program and academic achievement at the college level are given primary consideration. We do not have a preference for the type of institution one attends for college before applying for transfer admission to Stanford. In fact, the majority of our most recent transfer students were admitted from community colleges. Applicants are limited to a total of three applications to Stanford, whether for freshman admission, transfer admission, or a combination of both.</p>

<p>Caillebot, where did you get your 20 out of 1400 data? Not questioning it, but my gut tells me they probably accept more like 100-200 transfers (I'm guessing about 5-10% of the number they accept as freshmen)</p>

<p>Don't bet on transfering from CC to Stanford. It's possible, but it's like saying that your sure that you'll get into Harvard with a 2.0 GPA, bottom 20% of the class, 1400/2400 SAT, and no EC's and you just wrote swear words all over your essays and application...small chance.</p>

<p>Okay, well I threw Stanford in there just to have it in there but more realistically, I would like to transfer to UCLA or USC.</p>

<p>my sis got into UCLA from CC. my sister's friend got in USC from CC. they transferred pretty easily though, i remember there's specific requirements you need.</p>