CC ED/EA Class of 2025

Hi everyone! Since we’re now in December, I thought I would start a topic for Colorado College ED/EA decisions. Wishing everyone the best!


When is the decision expected?

Hi @go2college2021 … just based on what I saw posted on this forum last year, I’m guessing mid-December.

Since it’s getting very close to mid-December, does anyone know if the decision will be posted on the 15th or before then? A college website I found said it was being released 12/11, but I haven’t found anything corroborating that. Good Luck to everyone!

DD applied EA at CC. I read they release mid to late Dec in prior years. Not sure if that is still the same this year with the pandemic! Please let us know if it’s different this year.
Thank you!

I haven’t seen anything new about when they will be releasing decisions. BUT, while we all wait anxiously to hear, did you see the Instagram post about their new President, L. Song Richardson? She sounds amazing! :tada:

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It looks like decisions are coming out tomorrow at 4pm! Good luck to all who have applied

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That’s great. Where did you see that?

That would be a great way to start the weekend @Scottish1 ! Do you know whether it’s just ED coming out today, or EA as well? Thanks!

I am not sure - my son has applied ED and received an e-mail yesterday to say that he will receive his decision at 4pm today :crossed_fingers:

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My son got an e-mail from them yesterday

How exciting!! Wishing your son the best!

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My daughter said she saw a notice on ZeeMee saying that ED would come out today and EA on 12/16!

What a great start to the weekend. My son received his offer 1/2 hour ago. He is absolutely delighted. Here’s hoping for a great 2021!


That’s wonderful @Scottish1 ! :tada: Congratulations to your son! Would you be comfortable sharing some info about his GPA, test scores, etc.? Something for everyone waiting for EA next Tuesday to think about! :grinning:

Have a terrific weekend!

GPA 4.14. Attends a rigorous high school. Has taken a challenging course load with many APs. No test scores reported other than AP results as he didn’t sit his SAT or ACT last year due to having a demanding swim schedule last year. He was scheduled to sit them in April but then COVID!! He sat his SAT for the first time last Saturday and thinks he did well but doesn’t have his score yet. He did sit his ACT last month after numerous cancellations and got a 31 - he didn’t report it as the score came out after his application was submitted and he wasn’t that happy with his score although I know it is within range. Swims for a club team and the school team and has committed to swim for the swim team at college. Works as a lifeguard. Sings in choir (3 different choirs) and plays piano. Has had lead roles in school musicals.
Lived all over the world (U.K, Japan, Belgium, Australia, US) and has attended 6 different schools. He works hard but is very sociable. He also spoke to the college on a number of occasions and interviewed with the swim coach and admissions. He worked hard on his essays and CV.
I think overall he is a rounded kid with the ability to adapt and show resilience.


Congrats to your son!

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Thank you

Thanks for sharing! I’m so impressed with what these students accomplish and how they’ve handled the craziness of the past year. Congratulations again to your son!

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Thank you so much! Good luck to all the kids. It is tough and life is so competitive these days. He is a great kid but generally has lived a pretty balanced (albeit very busy) life. He loves sport and is academic but has tried to always do both - and we travel a lot. I think he did as much as he could whilst still managing to sleep, eat and maintain friendships and luckily the college recognised that which makes me feel confident that it is the right place for him to attend. Sometimes reading a 17 year olds achievements on these websites it looks as if they would need 50 years to fit it all in!

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