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I’m going to start a new thread because this is a large project that will go on for a long time. We are doing the project in phases and as time permits from my large project.

Link deleted. Not allowed.

Thank you! I love your watching your projects come to life!

I just looked and all I see are pictures of the studio. Are there pics of the main house?

Ok…I found the pics of this house. Seriously? Purchased for a college student and roommates? And is getting a total remodel? And with that pool, and courtyard?

Frankly, I wouldn’t lift a hammer to this place until the students move OUT. Not at all.

The main house is perfectly fine for college students.

Sure, fix up the studio…it’s where the mom owner can stay when she visits??‍♀️

@thumper1 – You don’t really think mom owner is staying in the studio do you? Forget that!

Love the tile! Maybe the thinking is let kid live through the renovation stage. If they sell later or decide to move it’ll be all done. I wonder about maintenance though. That’s a huge house to maintain.

And I guess I owe @coralbrook a dollar on the other house.

Funny you talk about maintenance… I keep trying to suggest absolute low maintenance products because I have no idea who is going to clean this studio! ?? She is including him in all the design decisions because, evidently, it’s going to be his ‘work space’. Somehow they convinced the Seller to let son move into the Studio 2 weeks before they closed escrow. Let me just say he didn’t clean anything while he was living in there. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that he knew it was going to all be demolished out after he moved into the main house

It will be fun to go along for the ride with this project too!

That just looks like way too good a big party house for a college student. But not my business. Fortunately!

Yes, it really looks like party central! It looks like a lot for college students to try to keep clean, honestly!

I cannot have any links to photo websites and cannot put any pieces of the address up. My mistake, didn’t realize photo storage sites were totally against the rules. So you will need to ask each other Privately if you would like to see the photos.

PS it was 108 out there today. I hate it already!

It will be cooler soon…

Can I ask, against which rules?

From Forum Rules:

Would somebody please send me the link? As far as I’m concerned, cb’s remodeling threads are the best thing on CC!

PM’d, @zipyourlips.

I very much enjoy reading about Coralbrook’s projects, and I don’t want her to stop sharing because she is overwhelmed with requests for PMs with links to the photos.

Maybe several of us can volunteer to be guides? I’m happy to share links, when I have them.

I would love a link to both her projects. Thanks

@Lassie3 , PM sent.

@knearSeattle, I’d like links too please. Thank you.

I wanted to wait to hear back from a Moderator before I sent the link through PM. It is OK for us to send the link via PM to everyone. I’ll try to keep up, but if others can help that would be nice