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I’m starting a new thread for a big project coming up. The owners have approved permits from Fall 2019 and I was contacted in February this year. We met several times and I explained to them that I did not think they were taking advantage of potential views for their home. The home is a boring 1950 box with a strange front door on side of the house.

House is located in Ocean Beach about halfway up the hill from the main drag, Sunset Cliffs Blvd

I got up on a ladder on their roof and showed them they had views from the North West of their house. Their original plans had a 2nd story addition for a master suite on top of the back garage (views blocked by neighbor trees) and a roof deck on back of the main house.

Then COVID hit and they postponed everything. Next thing I know I get an email in May “We have completely changed the plans and are starting over”. So, I have been working on their plans since May and we are finally submitted to the City (which is a whole other story!!! ). Since they already have approved plans we can start whenever we want. I keep telling them I am going to have to take another project if we do not get started right away. I actually have another smaller project I can start.

First they told me they were going to live in the driveway in their motorhome. No freaking way!! They will not be able to hook up to water or electrical because we have to gut everything. Not to mention trying to build 2nd story 1 ft away from the motorhome. Plus we desperately need the driveway for dumpsters, material deliveries and raising the roof trusses and roofing. It just is not feasible. Not to mention that there’s also a boat and trailer stuck in that driveway. Our current problem is they just cannot seem to pull the trigger and move out of the house. So, we are going to start digging foundations and stuff while waiting.

Fun! And good for you for helping the homeowners to maximize their views.

I went to the website and entered the code you listed but it says there are no matches for photos, people or groups. What am I doing wrong?

That is web address for the group. You have to put all the pieces together

So happy your crew will have significant work, @coralbrook.
Looking forward to following the progress.

@collage1 - copy and past the whole Flickr address and then remove all spaces.

Can’t wait to watch the transformation!!!

Tell them to pay a neighbor to park their RV in their driveway. But I assume you don’t want them that close to you daily?

@coralbrook Can you add the rooftop ladder view pictures to flickr?

Yes, I will add some pictures of potential view when we start work. I didn’t keep the pics from February!!

Right now I have no idea where all the boats and stuff are going. I have no idea where all the stuff in the house is going. Their little garage is already crammed full of stuff and they keep saying they are moving their stuff in there. The back yard area where we have to build addition is full of old broken patio furniture, bbqs and just stuff. They have had 6 months to start clearing out stuff. They still don’t have a real plan of where they are going to live with the motor home. I asked them in Feb to start clearing. The wife is working from home now, husband owns a yacht charter business and basically has been home for 4 months.

The wife is very excited about design stuff but has a house full of old oak furniture and heavy dark furniture. She has sent a link to a Houzz idea book which is really helpful. Of course the ideabook is full of light airy Hamptons type living rooms, big huge fireplaces and kitchen, with a mix of extremely contemporary bathroom photos.

This is going to be very hard

I am also having trouble accessing the group. I copied and removed the spaces, but am getting nowhere. Any other tips on how to view?

I can’t get there either!

I had trouble cutting and pasting, too; finally I took a pic of the address with my phone and typed it in as written and it worked.

I’ve tried it also, could someone PM me the link?

Works for me. @dragonmom PMing you.

Just be sure to remove ALL the spaces so it’s a normal web address.

I misunderstood at first, thinking that you went to the main website and searched for the long number listed below. No, it’s all one link so you need to omit not only the spaces but the lines between the groups/ and the number.

Thanks for taking us along, CB.

Hoping someone sends me the link because I’ve tried every suggestion posted here and still can’t get there!

@coralbrook – Do you think this project will really happen? Is the money there? If they haven’t put the effort to clean up (or maintain the present property) and have had time to move forward but haven’t put that effort in then I personally would question the project ever happening. Looking at pretty pix of different homes on the internet is dreaming not planning.

I have it now. Thank you.

@thumper1 oops, I’ve also sent it to you.

@coralbrook client sounds like they will need your best handholding skills to manage this one! Can’t wait to see transformation!