CC Plans for being dismissed at Uni

So I think I might be dismissed from UCR after being on nonconsecutive subject to dismissals twice, one for this Spring quarter possibly, and one from Fall quarter (assuming I don’t do as expected on my finals in the next week and as a result get below a 1.5 gpa quarterly). How would I transition to a CC for the next year? Would my UCR credits transfer? Do I start working towards an associates, or do I just take classes and try to reapply back into UCR, since thats a thing. I’m going to talk to my adviser and parents about this, but I really just messed up this year. My overall gpa is like a 2.2~

I’m currently a sophomore at the Uni, and plan to go to Rio Hondo CC or Pasadena CC. Probably Rio since I have taken summer courses there.

Not sure if this info. helps, but I was a CHASS major at UCR, and my major is Liberal Studies

You can always apply to the CC and since they are pretty much open admission, you simply enroll. The CC will only give you credit for classes that you received at least a C or C- in at UCR. Those credits will count toward an Associate’s at the CC. Whether you have to stay for your Associate’s or can try to transfer back to UCR is a question I can’t answer since I know that the UCs have their own way of doing things and I am not very familiar with their system. Your advisor can help you with that…