CC to CalState school for art-same Gen Ed requirements?

<p>The plan is to spend two years at a CA CC, then transfer to a Cal State school as an art major. Are the CC classes required for transfers the same for ALL majors, or are they different for an art major? D has severe dyslexia, and it'd be tough to get good grades in English, History, etc. at a CC.

<p>At the CC, be sure to have your daughter get in contact with DESP/Disability Resources and be tested and certified for whatever extra assistance, test allowances, and other services that are available.</p>

<p>The CSU and UC systems all have a nearly identical General Education (GE) requirement. These are the general classes expected by ALL students to complete, regardless of which eventual major is completed. The CCs just offer a cheaper, local path to get those GEs completed. The GEs usually take about 1.5 years to complete and are almost entirely lower-division courses which can be taken at a CC. The other .5 year of classes is usually lower-division intro courses to the student's major, which also can and usually should be completed at the CC before transfer.</p>

<p>Some advantages to getting GEs done at a CC is that a student isn't required to attend fulltime, and a student can chose to take just one or two classes at a time. Also, if the student happens to fail a class, because it is less expensive at a CC, repeating a class isn't as much of a financial burden. </p>

<p>So, your daughter will not be able to avoid the basic subjects like English because these classes are required for every major at the CSU and UC level. </p>

<p>There are very slight differences between the GEs required for CSU vs UC, but they are very minor, such as a "Communication" class needed for CSU but not UC, or tighter restrictions on whether or not English 1B or 1C are interchangeable or not, etc. In the end for a CSU transfer, expect to have to finish two English courses, a college-level post-algebra math class like statistics or linear algebra, a physical and a biological science with at least one containing a lab, 2 or 3 social science classes (usually picked among Soc, History, Poli Sci, etc), a Communcations/Speech class, a fine arts class, etc.</p>

<p>As for completing her major at CSU, I am guessing that even Studio Arts majors still have to complete a survey of Art History classes as well, which will involve some reading and writing of essays, etc. Be sure to check out the CSU for the art-related requirements--some which can and should be completed at the CC level.</p>

<p>All this information--the CC GE requirements and the CSU Art major requirements are prominently displayed on their respective websites.</p>

<p>Thanks, annika! I saw the requirements on the web sites, but wasn't really sure if the gen ed requirements applied to all majors. Great advice about her getting tested at the school. I'm just concerned that she'll end up with a 2.0 GPA at a CC and won't be able to transfer to any CSU.
Thanks again!</p>

<p>In case your wondering what courses are transferable to each CSU, you can use Welcome</a> to ASSIST as a tool for your D major pre reqs.</p>

<p>Note that her local transfer CSU will give her priority transfer. So check which CSU is her local area school for her CC. </p>

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