<p>I want to major in linguistics and just want to know if I'm just utterly screwed by the education crisis in California and all the restrictions to applying to CSUs out of the area of your CC. </p>

<p>College: De Anza College
Units completed: 78.5 quarter units (90 min for transfer)
Requirements left: Math + at least 6.5 elective units
CSU GE-breadth: Done after the fall
GPA: 3.7
General linguistics requirements completed: intro to ling class + 1 year of foreign language (3 quarters of Korean)
Applying for: Fall 2011</p>

• no lower division requirements for major
• Out of area applicant </p>

• Out of area applicant
• 1 requirement: the transferable class for ling 101 (required to even be considered for admission to major) was only accepted until summer 2004. In the process of finding out why it is not being accepted anymore. Sending syllabus and such to linguistics department. </p>

• In area applicant
• Have completed the only requirement of 1 year of a language</p>

<p>Order of preference would be SDSU, CSUN, SJSU. I feel SJSU is a safety since I'm in the area. What do you think about me getting into SDSU and CSUN? I know if the ling 101 class will not transfer that I will not get into SDSU because it's a pre-req and might as well save the 50$ application fee or whatever it is.</p>