Hello! So basically at the moment I graduated HS and will be attending a local CC in SF Bay Area for the first two years of college and will be planning to transfer to SFSU in the Fall of 2021. For my major, I am planning to major in Kinesiology with the concentration in exercise and movement science. I was wondering what should I expect for the transfer process to SFSU. I am aiming for a high GPA in CC and was wondering should I care about extracurric for transfer like I understand from high school to college admission, to keep up with the competition you must do EC but will it be the same for transfers also. Another question is that will the competition be high for my major for transfers to get in SFSU Kinesiology?? Any advice will help. Thank you!

I cannot advise you on kinesiology. Unlike high school, generally while attending a CC and planning a transfer to a CSU, UC or private college, you do not need extracurricular activities. Just concentrate on getting good grades.