CC to UC to CC..??

<p>Hey all,</p>

<p>so I went to a CC for three years, finished my lower division courses and pre reqs for my major and transferred to UCSB. I just finished my second quarter (I started in the summer) at the UC. I've realized the campus was not for me, the major was not for me (sociology) and the environment is not too great either. I hope to go back to my CC, finish my pre reqs for psychology and transfer to UCD. Is it possible to transfer back to a UC after I transferred to one already? (I have over 70+units at the CC, and I just need 3-4 classes to finish psych). Also, would the TAG be possible?? Thanks.</p>

<p>PS in total, I have taken 20 units at the UC. (12 for this quarter and 8 for summer).</p>

<p>That would be totally worthless. Your junior standing already. Why don't you just change majors to psychology? If you cant, you will be better off minoring in psychology. </p>

<p>If you don't like the school, you can drop out, go back to cc, and reapply somewhere else. You would have to wait till next year just to apply. </p>

<p>IMO it would be a waste of time. You could have done something, but you missed the Nov deadline to apply for next year. What are psych pre reqs...maybe 3 classes? You can just finish with a psych degree from UCSB in about the same time as it would take to get to another school. </p>

<p>Talk to a counselor at your school. </p>

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<p>Did you visit Davis to make sure you like the campus?</p>

<p>For UC Davis, this is the unit cap restriction:</p>

<p>Applications from students who have completed 80 or more transferable semester units (120 or more transferable quarter units) of combined baccalaureate institution and community college coursework are subject to review by the deans of the Colleges of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Letters and Science and Biological Sciences. Units earned through AP or IB examinations are counted separately for this purpose; AP and IB units do not put applicants at risk of being denied admission or of having an admissions decision delayed due to a dean’s review. Applicants subject to a dean’s review will be admitted if the assessment is that the student is making good progress toward the baccalaureate degree and can complete the degree within the college’s maximum unit limit.</p>

<p>Source: <a href=""&gt;;/a>, page 14</p>