CC Transcripts

<p>'s the thing...i 've sent in my apps, recs, and high school transcripts to all the schools im applying. and i've ordered the community college transcripts but the lady at the cc records office said that it'll take up to 10 days for them to process and send...will all the university's count this against me? cause i have everything in and its just the community college transcripts...or i might have to make a long trip to my local cc and demand it to be an "emergency." i'm getting freaked...</p>

<p>Everything doesn't have to be in by the deadline. The only really important things are the application and the application fee. They have to open mail, file stuff, read essays. They have until April 1st to get back to you with a decision. If it takes 10 days for the CC transcript, that is no big deal. They are definitely NOT going to disqualify you. Good luck.</p>