CC transcripts

<p>I'm not a transfer student--I was in concurrent enrollment at a community college my senior year (last year). It was part of a school program, and I earned almost a full year of college credit. The only problem is that UCSC hasn't processed my transcript yet. They've received it. It's been there for exactly 5 weeks now. When I went to Orientation last week, I didn't know what classes to enroll in because there are new GE requirements this year and since my transcript hasn't been processed, I don't know what's been covered and what hasn't. I don't even know if they want me to use the old requirements or the new ones. Not to mention is two years outdated, so that's a lot of help. :/</p>

<p>The good news is that I have my core course and I have a psych course, so I just need one more class to fill. I signed up for the Human Genome as my filler, but I really don't want to take it. I just thought that it was most likely a GE section I haven't filled.</p>

<p>So, anyone: any idea when the transcripts will be processed? I would really like to take a class that I KNOW will fill a requirement this quarter. I don't want to just bum around in some class I don't like only to get extra units (I really won't need extra units, trust me).</p>

<p>Or also, does anyone have any suggestions for a different filler class? Sorry I ranted so much, I'm just a little frustrated.</p>

<p>Call up UCSC and keep bugging them about it. Technically they don't give much of a priority to entering freshman because transcripts from transfers get their first attention. I had something like this happen to me, so I went to my college advisor at C10 and let them know. They told me to go see the registrar and that they would make a note of it. I saw the registrar and they said it was "processing." I went back to my advisor and she made a few calls to expedite the whole process. Within a few days I was able to view all my CC stuff on my UCSC portal.</p>