CC transfer problem

<p>have a detailed story, but too scared to put too much info on here!
So I will try to keep it simple....</p>

<p>Someone got an Associate's Degree WITHOUT including a transcript from a previous college that they did horrible in for 2 semesters. If they transfer to another community college (to increase gpa) - and now include those "bad" transcripts - will the Advisor look at that and say WHOA why are they not on your recent transcript? And start making calls? </p>

<p>I asked a colorado community college academic advisor about it (the student does not live in colorado but is thinking of attending there)... and she said that community colleges in colorado do not require ALL transcripts be sent - only ones you want evaluated. I thought this was odd. So I called a community college here in my state, the academic advisor said absolutely not... that it is federal law to transfer everything to every college attended. She said to call the colorado cc and ask for a records person instead. So I called the colorado cc back, got a records person, and she said the same thing about not needing them all! She said it is very common that people do not want to include an entire school in their coursework, so they simply don't include the school or transcripts. WTH!!?? Can someone please tell me the CORRECT rule?</p>

<p>OK now, if the correct rule is that ALL have to be transferred - I have a few questions.</p>

<li>If the student chooses to go to a local community college, that DOES require all transcripts - they will then have to be evaluated. Now, the most recent transcript - the Associates Degree - will not have the "bad" transcripts on there as transferred. Yet, will they look at the other hand and see that the classes were taken before, and figure out that she didn't transfer them? Are they that picky? Will they call the old school and get all crazy about it? </li>
<li>Is there a way around this? Can she just go to enough schools that it gets lost in the shuffle and can be transferred to a 4 year eventually?</li>

<p>Please do not lecture. I'm well aware that this student didn't do the CORRECT thing with her transcripts - but I'm trying to help figure out what her next step is and how to move on without screwing her whole life up over it. </p>

<p>thanks in advance</p>

<p>They'll find out. There are national clearing houses that run you through a system to see if you've attended other schools. There are lifetime caps on how much federal and, depending on where you live, state financial aid you can get. So, schools have to verify these things to protect their own purses.</p>

<p>So, unless you've paid cash, used a different name and SS#, you'll get caught.</p>

<p>I wasn't asking if she can OMIT them. What I asked was, WHEN she starts the new community college, are they going to freak out and start calling people i.e. her old cc that she got the AD from. They will have 3 transcripts in hand - one from a cc with 60 hours, the next is the "bad" ones, the last is the AD she just received. The last one does not have a reference to the "bad" one because she omitted it.<br>
Do they usually play private investigator, and point out things like that?
AGAIN, it is not the intention to LEAVE OUT anything when starting the new cc.<br>
She simply does not want to have the AD rescinded because it's applied science which affects her job and she's a single mom.</p>

<p>ALSO.... I clearly wrote that I was wanting to know the actual LAW concerning transfer credits, and whether or not to listen to the colorado cc that told me something different.</p>

<p>Even if she does not have to submit them to a Colorado CC, she will to all 4 year colleges which is the big issue.</p>

<p>okay maybe i need to clarify.</p>

<p>she IS GOING TO SUBMIT THEM TO EVERY COLLEGE FROM HERE ON OUT - the question is will there be a point that someone will look back at this particular transcript, and notice that the "bad" ones weren't on there?</p>

<p>does anyone understand what I'm asking??????</p>

<p>She needs to submit all of them from here on out. No one is going to ask "Why don't transfer credits from College X show on the College Y transcript?" because each institution decides for itself which credits will transfer and which won't. The ones that don't transfer don't show.</p>

<p>Some community colleges that are Open Admission don't ask for transcripts from previous institutions for admission. However they usually will ask for them if you are actually completing a degree, and they certainly will need them if you want to transfer any credits in order to complete a degree. These policy differences may be the cause of the different answers that different community colleges have given you over the telephone.</p>

<p>since you got an associates it might raise an eyebrow, but it isn't a big deal. I went to western michigan for a semester then went to community college for 3 semester. I never sent my wmu transcripts. I am now transferring to UofM and sent all of my transcripts. I didn't get an associates tho</p>