CC transfer students to UCLA or UCB unite!!!

<p>Hello everyone,
I'm sure we are all very tired of waiting. Let's discuss our stats and talk about other stuff to pass the time. Cool?<br>
I've applied to UCLA and UCB as a history major. I talked to somebody at UCLA and they said they would start rolling out decisions around the middle of this month. I know that Berkeley will release them on the 29th for sure.
My stats: GPA 3.86, IGETC completed, no EC's, but I am a veteran with 6 years active duty service, All of my prereqs for the major at UCLA will be completed by this semester. As for Berkeley, I will have completed all but one.<br>
Good luck to everyone. Write back if you can :-))</p>

<p>hey, very similar stats as yourself
IGETC certified, history, major, 3.73, no EC's, all but one prerequ completed for berkeley and all completed for UCLA</p>

<p>good luck to you/us :p</p>

<p>3.4, political science IGETC certified, TAP certified EC's (92 units rejected from ucsb because of this) hope the same isn't so for ucla my first and really only choice</p>

<p>3.73 GPA, IGETC, UCB and UCLA prereqs to be completed after this semester, lots of ECs</p>

<p>Econ, all pre-reqs done, IGETC certified, 3.5gpa, no ec</p>

<p>Biz-econ @ UCLA, Biz @ Cal. 4.0, all pre reqs completed, few ECs, IGETC.</p>

<p>3.5 poli sci, good ECs and community service, worked full-time during most of my cc edu, decent essay, TAP... but I'm soooo worried bc poli sci is impacted at both campuses, and the mid-range gpa for Cal admits is insane. Haven't heard from SD or SB yet, either.</p>

<p>-Majors: Cal: American Studies (Urban America Concentration), UCLA: Geography
-PreReqs Completed for both
-3.4 GPA from Long Beach City College (no honors :( TAP or whatever)
-Good grade trend, IGETC certified.
-Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society
-Bilingual Spanish/English
-Philosophy Club
-AmeriCorps- 900 Service hours + Scholarship
-Study Abroad- Havana, Cuba
-Backpacking experience- Europe
-Work experience related to major (25-40 hrs throughout college)
-Black male, single parent household (don't know what that role that plays in the admissions process)
-I thought I had a good essay that conveyed my personality and accomplishments well
.....we'll see....either way things go, what is meant to be will be. UCSD is an awesome school that I would be just as honored and grateful to attend if I don't get into the programs at UCB and/or UCLA. BUT--- i want UCLA or UCB REALLLLL BAD! So--good luck everyone, don't let the slow ticks of the clock kill you, the 29th is just around the corner, we've already gone almost 5 months, sometimes more if you took the two months or month before to do your essays. Whats 9.4589 more days? </p>

<p>OHHH does anyone know how the whole admission for Spring Semester works at Berkeley?</p>

<p>Polisci major, 3.6 gpa, IGETC cert., alpha gamma sigma, UCLA (pending), Cal (pending), UCSD (accepted), UCD (accepted)</p>

<p>3.72 gpa, igetc cirtified this before end of semester, phi kappa thetta, dean's list at my current school, couple ec's, a couple hnrs. classes, A average in major prerequisites, BUT...........</p>

<p>have not finished two major prerequisites------Calc 1 and 2, taking Calc 1 this semester, hope to take Calc 2 in summer. This last part I can't get off my mind. I think its going to end up screwing me at LA and Berkeley. Hopefully not.</p>

<p>Econ major.</p>

<p>Floydian, did you submit a supplementary application for Haas?</p>

<p>I just realized a good part of the best students are on this site because they really give a ****. Im glad to not see too many econ majors, that makes me feel a little better. It's funny, we're here stressing out together, but our applications are in stiff competition with each other as we speak. Kinda funny. I wonder how big the applicant pool is for econ majors at the UC's.</p>

<p>Anybody have any guesses how big the applicant pool is for the Economics major? How many of these have above 3.5 u think?</p>

<p>Hey CC student, what major are you?</p>

<p>actually i don't give a ****. just study and see what happen.</p>


<p>Bio major, 3.71, IGETC cert., Phi Theta Kappa, work at a Physical Therapy office, in at UCD & UCSB but I really want LA... however, I don't have OChem or 2 Bio classes done... oy. I am getting anxious!</p>

<p>3.8 GPA
igetc completed
econ/bus econ major.
some ecs, okay essay, we'll see what happens...</p>

<p>the one thing that'll screw me over, however for that i didn't do calculus for geometrics...i did it for social science. Plus, i havent done managerial accounting..</p>

<p>same as me lilomui... i did calc for social science. and i'm trying to pass my managerial accounting class. it is so hard :(</p>

<p>3.87 GPA, English major, completed all requirements for UCB and UCLA; IGETC, Transfer Ach. Cert., Presidential Honor Roll-5 semesters, was a tutor for several English instructors, Dean's List-4 semesters; </p>

<p>UCSB (received acceptance letter April 2nd)
UCB (pending)
UCLA (pending)</p>

<p>We'll see how it goes. I'd obviously rather go to UCLA even though the commute may just about kill me! lol</p>

<p>Good luck to everyone. I read on other posts that decisions will be made known on April 27th for 50% of the applicants. Not sure how true the info is, but it's good enough for me.</p>

<p>How's it going everybody,
I received a phone call from somebody at UCLA today inviting me to apply for a transfer scholarship. Has anybody else received this call??
I'm wondering if they are calling only those who will get in, or if they are calling everybody.
Also, are there anymore history majors applying to UCLA or UCB??
My stats are listed in the first post in this thread...
Later. </p>