CC Transfer to a school with a music program?

<p>I'm currently attending a CC in so cal after taking a break for about two years from a previous time when I was going to a CC. I believe I am finally set on choosing music as my major. I am 23 years old and music is my life, I am pretty good at guitar and play some piano but since I decided to take this more seriously I will be taking private lessons as soon as my paycheck comes in. I understand that the music programs at these schools can be quite rigorous so I know I'll have to practice as much as humanly possible in this time frame. My goals are session/touring musician but would also enjoy music production. Basically I just really enjoy making music, mostly contemporary post-rock, metal, indie but I also love blues, jazz, and classical guitar.</p>

<p>So, basically am I making the right decision by trying to transfer to a university music program and if so what should I focus on in order to transfer and how possible is transferring? Thanks for any help, I understand these might be some loaded questions to try and answer but I really appreciate anything.</p>

<p>I will be honest with you Transferring is the biggest pain in the butt on the entire planet. I attended a conservatory of music for 2 years in New York. It ended up not being for me so I ended up moving down to Florida to attend the University of Central Florida. I wasn't initially accepted because I was a transfer with more than 60 credits but no math. So I attended community college for a year. However I am STILL in the process of trying to get instate tuition as an independent. I have yet to take a music course due to the overwhelming cost of out of state tuition and not being accepted due to stupid general education courses not being completed. Lets not forgot the fact that I was accepted on the spot for the music program. Make sure your do your research before you make your decision.</p>

<p>may i ask, xoxtinysingerxox which conservatory was this in NY?</p>

<p>Purchase college.</p>

<p>Transferring from a cc to a university for music is possible. You will want to check university requirements and determine whether you want to pursue a BA or a BM. A BA usually requires more general studies and less music performance requirements. With a BM, even if you have a 2 year head start with your community college credits, it can take over 2 years to finish the music requirements.</p>