CC vs Tulane

<p>Which is better and why??</p>

<p>They are two such different schools that it is impossible to say which is better without specifying your objectives and criteria. If you are an outdoorsy person who likes a small, village-like community and wants to study geology, Colorado College is better. If you are looking for something of a party school with good academics, and want to study engineering, Tulane is better. </p>

<p>Have you been admitted to both?</p>

<p>There is a very substantial differnece in weather. S is graduating in 2 weeks from CC and my brother went to Tulane years ago.</p>

<p>My S has loved CC. He has observed that the lows go below freezing in early November and stay there until about May 1st. Unless you are from the Panhandle region, CC is going to require a weather adjustment. Unless you are from Houston/coast, Tulane is going to be an adjustment for humidity and hurricanes.</p>

<p>If, as your sn implies, you are from Tx, NOLA weather will be a peace of cake. It is beautiful most of the time, though prone to episodic brief downpours. What is the cost difference for you? What do you want to study? If you want engineering, Tulane only offers 2 or 3 options (depending on your definition): Chem E, Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Physics (which I think is now an official "engineering" major- I'll double check if its engineering or physics). I can't tell you much about colorado college, but DS has loved Tulane!</p>