CCC to CSU Transfer - IB Transfer credit?

<p>I'm currently at foothill cc, in the process of transferring to DVC starting next semester. (they have the major I want) From high school, I have 5s in IB HL english A1, HL Philosophy and HL film studies. From what I have gathered from various csu websites, it seems that out of those three only english A1 is considered for transfer credit. I'm currently at a 2.35 gpa end of my first year, and I'm looking to secure a transfer to a CSU in the future. I haven't taken any english courses yet due to this predicament and the counselors at foothill not being able to help me out with it, although they basically say that my IB english has covered csu's english gc requirement. So, what should I do? Should I get my credit transferred at DVC, or should I wait until i transfer to a CSU?</p>

<p>Also, what exactly is required for californian residency status? i'm a us passport-holding citizen, went to HS overseas and now i'm back here. been here since august '10, have a CA DL, car registration, address, but apparently I still don't qualify.</p>