CCC to UCI (i need help)

<p>After my 1st year of college gone i have realized how important my education really is, and that i have been such an idiot.</p>

<p>i want to be a pharmacist, and ive heard that UCI is really good for that (if you know of any other pharmacy schools pls dont hesitate to post up)</p>

<p>major: Biology (once i transfer to UCI, ill change it to pharmaceutical sciences, which is a branch of bio)</p>

<p>This 1st year was pretty rough for me. Had 2 deaths in my family and it was kind of hard for me to focus. so far i have 6 B's and 4 C's (i know its horrible, non are my classes for my major, all are IGETC cources). But i know for a fact i can do a lot better in my upcoming year.</p>

1. what would help my chances to get into UCI?
2. im really clueless about college and i dont know a whole lot. is it possible to transfer to UCI with lower then a 3.0?
3. what are some other good schools to transfer to for pharmacy
4. anything else you guys would like to let me know, pls post up</p>

<p>Get your major prerequisites done ASAP. Some people who are applying for the same major as you will already have a majority of their major prerequisites done and will be more competitive than you. Take two courses during the summer if it helps you finish more.</p>

<p>Get all As next term if at all possible. If you aren't getting an A, it better be a B. No more Cs. Be prepared to possibly take an extra year. Try applying to UCI anyway though this november.</p>

<p>so IGETC + prereqs</p>

<p>and DO WELL.</p>

<p>i would also like to know more about this</p>

<p>I received your private message.. First, in my gen chem class last semester I remember hearing that you can not have anything lower than a "B" in Chem to transfer to UCI.. I don't know how accurate that is but says the same thing.. Not sure if your IGETC majors were the classes you completed this year or not but I am pretty sure you need over a 3.0 to be a Bio major at UCI. It is still quite possible for you to get over a 3.0 if you have an upward trend and start pulling 3.8 & 4.0 gpa's so anything is possible! You really need to assess your study habits & find a plan that works for you. keep the faith & good luck!</p>

<p>I would try to contact this year's professors and see if you can retake your finals to improve your grades.. Do you have death certificates / letters from doctors to plead your case? </p>

<p>I am not an admission counselor or a student at UCI but I looked up the Bio major on and on for you & on this is the message:</p>

<p>Articulation Agreement by Major<br>
Effective during the 09-10 Academic Year<br>
Based on the 09-10 UC Transfer Course Agreement </p>

<pre><code> ====Biological Sciences, B.S.====


<p>Junior-level applicants with the highest grades overall and who have<br>
satisfactorily completed course prerequisites will be given preference for<br>
admission. All applicants must complete one year of general chemistry<br>
(with laboratory) with grades of B or better, complete courses equivalent to UC
Irvine's BIO SCI 93, 94, 100L with a C or better in each course and have a </p>

<h2>cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. </h2>

<p>Transfer students are advised to complete as many articulated biology and<br>
lower-division degree requirements as possible prior to transfer. For<br>
information contact the School of Biological Sciences at (949) 824-5318,<br>
UCI</a> School of Biological Sciences. </p>

<p>ASSIST</a> Report: OCC 09-10 UCI Articulation Agreement by Major</p>

<p>for Pharm schools just focus on getting the best grades possible.. that means NO MORE C'S. A lot of med students that don't get in to med school end up going to Pharm school so I would definitely shoot for a 3.8 - 4.0 from here on out. you can do it! just try to take only 3 classes a semester and take your time.</p>

<p>Colleges do like to see upward grade trends, so get those grades up and get only As and Bs from here on out!!</p>