CCC transfer to CSU. Chance me?


<p>Currently attending CCC and want to apply to a CSU for Fall term 2015 as Business (Accounting or Finance) Major. Right now my gpa 2.01 because when I first started CC I stopped attending classes and did not drop them so that affected my gpa! nasty. As a result of that I received 5 F's. For the past year i've been working on taking courses and raising my gpa. Fortunately, I managed to raise my gpa from below a 1.0 to a 2.0, and because of that I am eligible to file for Academic Renewal. I already put in my petition, so now I have to wait about a week or so to find out if I got approved. Well anyway, I calculated my gpa and if they drop the 5 F's through AR, I will have roughly a ~2.96 gpa. Now tell me, what are my chances at SJSU, CSULB, Cal Poly SLO, and UCSC? I'm trying to raise my gpa up for the next two semesters.</p>


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<p>Hi. With just below a 3.0, unless you are considered in the local area for the university you are applying to, it will be hard to get into a lot of universities especially for an impacted major like business. If you are able to bump your GPA to around a 3.2-3.3, you have a chance to get into CSULB, UCSC, and SLO as a business major if you are a local, although it will be much harder if you aren’t a local. If you are really set on business/accounting as a major, I would also try applying to the less impacted CSU’s as those accept almost anyone who have at least a 3.0 and are still pretty good for majors like Accounting . </p>

<p>Wow, I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to get into SJSU and thats my top choice! So what other schools can i get into with my gpa?</p>

<p>You could get into SJSU as it’s not as selective as the other 3 you listed, although I do not know how impacted their business program is. The hard CSU’s to get into with less than a 3.5 would be Long Beach, Fullerton, Pomona, SLO, and San Diego. Almost all the others CSU’s would accept most with a 3.0 so I would choose depending on where you want to live. So if you enjoy Northern Cali maybe Sacramento, San Francisco and maybe even San Jose which you are hoping for. For Southern Cali, I would try Northridge and Dominguez. </p>

<p>I would love to get into SJSU since I live so close (25 min drive), and I don’t really want to go to SFSU because of location. I attended CSULB my first semester straight out of high school, but had to come back due to to some financial problems and that was 3-4 years ago so I have to reapply as a transfer, I believe. Nevertheless, I loved CSULB but that would have to be my second choice. I guess i’ll apply and see what I get into.

<p>Most of these school specific threads are pretty dead. You should repost your question on the transfer thread.</p>

<p>Think about Sonoma and Sac, solid biz programs that you can probably get into. Chico, Fullerton, CSULB are more selective but, worth a shot. SDSU and SLO are highly unlikely.
Good luck.</p>