CCM Acceptance

How hard is it to get accepted in the CCM? What is the CCM’s acceptance rate?

I think it’s about 25% more or less

25% ??? The last figure I heard was that they took 20-25, out of maybe 800 auditions - which would be closer to 0.25%, unless it’s just way too late at night for me to be attempting math.

I also heard acceptance is in the 20-25 range (including wait list, I believe) out of 800 auditions, and heavier on boys than girls, at least in the past few years, so around 3%.

I realized the morning after that my math was indeed off - closer to 2.5% than either the original 25%, or my .25% !!!

The incoming freshman class has 8 girls and 10 boys.

They tend to be heavier on boys than girls some years. Others it’s the opposite. It’s hard to get into. 20 on average per class. It’s one of the schools who does not do a prescreen. They see upwards of 1500-1800 applicants per year.

At the 1/21/17 audition they told the kids they audition 1,000, and accept 18-20. It’s like a lottery ticket.

@CentralOHmomof4 have you heard yet? We were at those auditions as well. A guy my daughter has done theatre with was accepted on Monday 1/23/17. Since we are both from Kentucky, we aren’t anticipating an acceptance.

@Mtmomkbh My D said they told them they would hear today (Fri). I am afraid to ask her to check, because it’s such a long shot. Crossing my fingers for your daughter!!

Has anyone who auditioned for CCM at the NYC Unifieds gotten a decision yet? Thanks.

My S was told he would find out in two weeks after his Chicago Unifieds audition

My S auditioned at NYC unifieds and is still waiting to hear something.