CCM-MT Freshman Showcase class of 2013

<p>If you’re interested in seeing the current CCM-MT freshman perform, check out yesbrain2002 on youtube. I know posting links is not allowed on CC and I hope that this thread is not in violation of that. If it is please let me know or remove it. The Freshman Showcase is titled “Through the Looking Glass” and while I love all 10 parts, (yes, I’m extremely prejudiced) I’m particularly fond of Part 5. Enjoy!</p>

<p>thank you - I enjoyed it!</p>

<p>2dogs1cat, Thanks so much for watching. As the parent of a CCM-MT freshman I am certainly NOT unbiased in my assessment of their performance so I'm always glad when someone else enjoys their performance too. I appreciate you taking the time to take a look at the showcase and to post here!</p>

<p>I went to go look at them but they don't seem to be there anymore...?</p>

<p>Hi AlexaMT! You're right... it was there this morning under yesbrain2002 & now it looks like that posting has been pulled. Try," ccm through the looking glass" on youtube and it pulls it up under thebestarts. I think there are a few separate postings as well... my personal favorite, part 5 being one of those. Thanks for the interest!</p>

<p>Clarification, my favorite,"part 5" is actually titled "Flight/Somewhere".</p>

<p>I tried yesterday under yesbrain as well with no luck. Just tried to search and the bestarts version is not available either. Sorry katesmom, would love to see the performances. My daughter will be attending CCM in the fall for ballet. If another video comes up, please post. Thanks</p>

<p>Awesome, thank you! :)</p>

<p>the videos are now under the youtube username d0ntcallmyname</p>