CCM Prescreening Results?

<p>Hi, I'm new to college confid. so srry if im putting this in the wrong place lol. I am a senior applying to the vocal performance programs at several colleges (in voice). I am confused about a message I recieved from CCM. When checking the status of my application it said that my admission was denied because I did not meet "CCM Evaluation Standards" is that in response to my prescreening or a paperwork problem??Thank you to anyone who can give me any insight!</p>

<p>Hmm. My S is auditioning for CCM also but doesn't have to pre-screen (jazz bass guitar).</p>

<p>I'd give them a call and ask. I know they're way backed up dealing with HS transcripts, but the message on my S' status is "transcript missing but received being processed" or something like that. </p>

<p>...and welcome!</p>

<p>Unfortunately it sounds like you did not make the prescreening cut, i.e. "CCM Evaluation Standards". Certainly it would be fine for you to call to be sure that is what their wording means. Good luck with your other auditions.</p>

<p>That message means that you didn't pass the pre-screen at CCM. Don't panic, it could be for any number of reasons- good luck on your other schools.</p>

<p>Thank you OhioBassMom, Mezzo's Mama, and Lorelei2702. I was indeed rejected but keeping my hopes high for my other schools! :) thank u so much for your patience and insight!</p>

<p>Danicw please let us know how things go with your other schools!</p>