CCM summer immersion

Does anyone know how many kids apply to the MT summer immersion workshop?

How does it compare to MPulse at UofM

I don’t know how many apply, but I was told today that they take about 30 kids. So that’s even less than Michigan’s 40!

Thanks your reply. I know it’s a good college for Mt but was wondering about the caliber of the summer workshop …D is feeling a little down about not getting into Mpulse . She did get into CCM s workshop though.

Sondheim - She got into the Immersion Workshop (July 5-18)? If so that’s the one I’m referring to above. I just found out my daughter got in too. She will be attending and is very excited!

And I just got another confirmation from the director that between 30-40 students will be chosen, typically 35.

That’s great news!! It looks like a pretty good program. My daughter is excited also. :slight_smile:

My son received our confirmation for this program a couple of days ago. I’ve heard great things about it! We are very excited!

Just reading through some threads…can you tell me if your kids liked the summer program at CCM. My d is considering her options. Thank you.

My daughter went last year and loved the program. She felt it was high quality training, and she goes to a performing arts school and has done several summer programs with professional theaters, so she can recognize high quality training. A few things to know though, the summer immersion is not run by CCM MT faculty, it’s an entirely different team. A great team, but not the CCM team. Also, not one student who participated in last year’s summer program was accepted into CCM for fall 2016. So don’t look at it as a big leg up for next year’s college auditions.

@Fotokat - the team is a mixture of CCM faculty, and others. There were 2 faculty members from CCM. There are 3 current freshmen who attended the year before - I don’t know about people accepted for next fall.

I can’t speak highly enough of the amazing Musical Theatre Summer Intensive at CCM . I encourage you to check it out, especially if you are interested in this top rated school. This was a life changing opportunity for me. I auditioned and attended in the summer of 2015. I stayed in the dorms for two weeks and enjoyed classes in singing, dance and acting with CCM Prep faculty, as well as CCM MT faculty. The cabaret performance and showcase were performed on their beautiful stages. I made life long friends and received valuable feedback in all areas. There are so many summer programs to pick from, and it is not easy to determine which one is the best fit for you, but I can honestly say that I gained so much from being there. Even in summer, the halls and courtyards are beaming with music and voices flowing out through open windows and doors. It is so uplifting. I am a senior at a performing arts high school in Georgia, and returned home with huge enthusiasm. It was a wonderful experience. Just finished my audition at CCM this last week, and I am very hopeful. Good luck to all, wherever you land!