CCM Summer Program

<p>Does anyone have experience with the CCM 2 week summer program? We’re looking ahead to next summer for my son who is a sophomore in the Fall. We live in CA - it would be between CCM and the more local Idyllwild summer program. Thanks for any input!</p>

<p>My d just finished the 2 wk summer program last wk. She LOVED it. Lots of good experiences and info for auditioning for college programs. She thought the staff was great. Kids staying in the dorm were well supervised. She made lots of friends. Many out of state kids attended.</p>

<p>My son attended this summer. It was a path changing experience for him…by day 3 he had fallen in love with dramatic performance training and now wants to pursue a program in drama rather than MT (as long as he can keep training in voice as well or on the side). The workshop opened up an additional world to him and helped him find his perfect fit. As parents, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to CCM for providing a meaningful educational experience—it was not a “camp:” the kids had master classes with department chairs from CCM drama, CCM mt and Wright State mt (actually that co-author of “the book” on mt training used around the world). It was truly a collegiate level preview. Even the social events were spectacularly enriching—the kids attended a Cincinnati Opera dress rehearsal of Don Giovanni and a Cincinnati Shakespeare Theatre production that included a Q/A with the cast. CCM went above and beyond this summer, personalizing events to the group of kids. Apparently there were so many questions about auditions, college search etc, that they added an evening session to cover the college hunt, application, audition and acceptance process. The session provided very honest information to the kids, with specific recommendations of programs that fit their strengths (e.g. some schools emphasize dance in MT, some don’t). And can you believe, now more than a week after the program, the director of that session followed up with an email attaching a collection of helpful articles! The CCM summer program will always be an important stepping stone along my son’s hopeful career in performance.</p>

<p>My son attended the MT summer immersion program and he absolutely loved it. He said he wouldn’t trade the 2 weeks he spent in Cinci for anything. The advice and training were invaluable to him. He added Wright State to his list of colleges he’d like to attend because the time he spent with Joe Deer was so productive. </p>

<p>I concur with both Cincidad and oldgirl.</p>

I did not attend the 2 week program, but I am involved in the Acting Certificate program and it is SPLENDID! It is a 2 year program, $1400 a year. The teachers are the same ones you will receive in the Summer Program. The Summer Program is mostly based off of Master Classes. Performers and Acting Professors will come in and talk to everyone on certain subjects (last year was stage hair and makeup and stage combat). If your child enjoys the 2 week program, definitely consider the Certificate Program as well.

@oldgirl I noticed you indicated your son fell in love with the dramatic performance training. Did he go to CCM for the MT program or Acting program. My daughter and we as parents are trying to determine which would be a better fit for her this summer. Does he still enjoy acting and if so may I ask where he went off to school?