CCNY grove school of engineering

For all the people that attend CCNY, is it worth traveling about 2 hours to CCNY (total of 4 hours- 2 hours to go and 2 hour to come back)? I got accepted to the Grove School of Engineering, but is it really worth traveling 4 hours to attend?
Also, can the people that attend CCNY tell me what times the start and what times they end. I just want to know the general timing schedules the students have.

What do you mean by “worth travelling”?

If you will be commuting daily then I would suggest that no college, not even Harvard is worth a 2 hours commute for 4 years. The school has a dormitory called The Towers if you want to look into it. You can also find affordable housing in the area albeit the conditions in the area may not be the best (good idea to take parents or adults with you to find affordable housing if you do).
As far as the schedule of classes, when I attended about 20 years ago, the first class available was at 8am. The last class started at 9:20pm.