CCNY Honors Program Questions

I don’t mean the Macaulay honors program, but the CCNY honors program. (I am not qualified for Macaulay).

Do out of state students qualify for any of the honors scholarships?

How much merit aid do you usually receive through honors? My heart is set on going to college in NYC (I know, I know, what every parent dreads hearing). Would it be a waste of money to go to an out of state public school when I am constantly told that Virginia has highly regarded state schools? I was thinking in a perfect world if I were to be accepted in CCNY’s honors program and then hopefully get enough merit aid to lower the costs.

Any current students who can give me insight?

I am a rising senior and have a 26 ACT through practice tests. I took an SAT but it’s just not for me. Currently have a 3.75UW and 3.9W GPA.

Thanks for all the responses.

Hi @leslieknope4!

The individual CUNY Honors programs are administered by individual campuses and the titles and perks vary from campus to campus. At Queens College, the program is called Scholars and comes with an award of half tuition (for in-state tuition). At Baruch, the Deans Scholars get full tuition.

These scholarships are pretty competitive – just a notch below Macaulay. In general, CUNYs and SUNYs are relatively cheap – even for out of state student.

It’s not that easy to get in – a friend of mine got in Queens Scholars this year with a 1400 CR+M SAT and 92 average (uw).

How are your ECs?

Hello! Thanks for the reply! @EIC2400

I didn’t realize it was that competitive. I may have to look elsewhere for merit aid. I looked at the average stats admitted, particularly for City College, and found that I was in line for their honors college (correct me if I am wrong, but the avg SAT (CR+M) was 1100?). The cheap OOS tuition for CUNY schools is very enticing, but would still be too expensive. Especially with the room and board cost. I guess they do say for a reason that NYC is expensive, lol!

Would you happen to know anything about Pace University? I hear they give generous aid.

My ECs are very weak. If a job even counts as EC, I have worked at the same job since freshman year. I worked on a SAG film production where I had a line! (I had this phase where I wanted to be an actor, but I have grown and thought realistically haha).

I was in chef’s club for a year (junior) and FCCLA for a year (freshman).

@leslieknope Check this out: For CCNY, the median CR+M is 1190 and a 90 GPA – CCNY is one of the top CUNY schools!

Lol! NYC is very expensive; I live in the suburbs. Even Macaulay is like $16K a year for OOS students/

I know a little bit about Pace; the teacher I’m TAing for this year is a professor there. Pace actually has a merit scholarship calculator on their website; I plugged in my GPA and SAT (97 and 1380) and got an estimate of $23.5K out of the $38K base tuition, which I guess is generous for a private college.

And a 26 ACT is the median score for CCNY. Look at the General Admission side, not the SEEK/College Discovery stats.

When I plugged your stats into the calculator, I got the same results as mine (22.5K-24.5K). For posterity, I plugged in a 36 ACT and 4.0 GPA and it gave me the exact same range, too.

As you can tell I’m all over the place- wanting to go to VA schools, but having my heart set on NYC. Is it even realistic? I could save so much money by going to George Mason (Fairfax) in which I can commute and save on rooming.

For Pace, if I were to get accepted and receive merit aid, is it just offered to freshman or is it renewable aid.

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