<p>Which is better? I've only been to the CCRB...</p>

<p>IM doesn't get as a certain degree. I've only been there once for an IM basketball game. It seemed a bit older, but there were less people, so I liked it better. CCRB is just closer to me so it's more practical. IM is way too far away.</p>

<p>they're both pretty much the same, so it all depends on where you live and some small differences.</p>

<p>if you live on hill, don't even bother going all the way to IM. there's really no point. if you live in west quad, south quad, or east quad.. i'd say IM is like maybe 3-5 minutes closer in walking distance. ccrb does tend to get a lot more crowded than IM though.</p>

<p>if you're a perv and you like to look at girls, go to ccrb. there are a lot of good looking ones that run and do cardio there. IM has a few, but nothing compared to the amount that ccrb has.</p>

<p>besides that, it's all the same. IM has a slightly 'older' feel, but the equipment is all the same.</p>

<p>whoa, i didn't know there are better girls at ccrb. maybe i will take the trek from Fletcher (which is maybe 30 seconds from IM) to the CCRB.</p>