CCSU 2024

No one seems to be on the CCSU section for years. I decided to make a thread for CCSU Class of 2024!

I’m from CT and got accepted into the honors program and a Mechanical Engineering major!

S was accepted for civil engineering, but it is not in his top 5 choices so I don’t think he’ll attend.

It’s not my top choice either @taverngirl However, I do have a lot of credits there so I’m considering it!

It seems solid for engineering - and you can’t beat the price! Would you live on campus or commute (I believe you’re in-state, right?) The campus was actually nicer than I thought it would be, as are the dorms, at least the ones we toured.

@taverngirl im like 10 minutes away from campus! I’d commute! it is very affordable, but if I’m staying in-state I do prefer UCONN