CCSU Class of 2017

<p>Anyone else committed to CCSU? I'm doing their Honors Program!</p>

<p>yup! I am too! I’m so excited! :)</p>

<p>I’m a junior at CCSU. Feel free to ask me any questions here.</p>

<p>Hi, My daughter is considering CCSU. We visited and it really does seem like the students there are very happy and speak highly of the school. Would you say that is true?</p>

I recently applied, and I want to see what my chances are of getting accepted?

I’m a NY resident.
Applied as a transfer student.
High school -
GPA 3.90 Rank: 21/303

Community College -
GPA 3.94
Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences - Science (Biology concentration)
Phi Theta Kappa member

I work as a private math and biology tutor.


How hard is it to get into the honors program for ccsu?? @CCSU14