CD player

England is in lockdown and I cannot get batteries…As I just discovered tonight I need CD player and went to 20 miles away to borrow on. It says “Must be battery operated (power cords are not allowed)” but I only have a cord one. The test centre is super far away and Im not sure what Im supposed to do like I really wanna go and take this though

You have a couple of options: consider cancelling or rescheduling the test if possible; taking the language exam without the listening portion (just reading;) or taking a different test entirely, as the exam booklet you’ll be given contains all of the tests offered that day in it.

Too late, but…

Doesn’t take batteries or you don’t have batteries and need to use an optional cord? I could probably find 10 batteries in other devices, assuming it’s AA or AAA. That would be my first thought.

It’s been a while, but a CD player that uses headphones but doesn’t take batteries and must be plugged in seems very odd.

Hopefully you figured something out.