Celebrations/Coping Methods?

<p>Idk about the rest of you but UMD is my first choice. Just a little fun thread, what will be your celebrations if you get accepted or coping methods if you get rejected hahaha. I sed I would nude lap around my school (I was exaggerating but you never know). If i get rejected I'll probably eat myself alive.</p>

<p>It's my first choice too so I will probably cry and scream if I get rejected and If i get accepted I want to go to the top of a mountain and scream (of joy) :) I hope we both get in!</p>

<p>hahahaah deff I can't wait til this whole process is over! You tryna play lax over there?</p>

<p>Same, I am sick of waiting for decisions.Yeah! not division though because I want to focus on my studies! I will for sure play club though :)</p>

<p>I'm pumped to find out! I hear we have to wait until end of January. Let me know how you guys make out. I'm from New Jersey so I know it is competitive which makes it even more exciting. What are your guys list of schools too?</p>

<p>End of January? I thought we found out early to mid January.</p>

<p>hahaha i thought it was mid december... PSU, PITT, Temple, UIllinois (Urbana-Champaign) and MAYBE Texas.</p>

<p>I think it is early jan! and I'm from cali so I'm applying to UCLA, UCSD and UCSB but i'm also applying to duke, UNC, UVA, Umich, washu and miamiU in ohio and I just got into pitt last week</p>

<p>Nice guys can't wait to find out!</p>

<p>I can't wait till January! Plus i just realized i totally forgot a word in one of my essays and now my sentence makes no sense. Great.</p>

<p>When I applied two years ago, I found out on the last day of January. They said mid-January, but we got late January</p>

<p>Yeah they e-mailed me January 30th 2 years ago (the day before my b-day, was a nice present especially after I got denied by my reach school on my actual birthday lol). That came on a Saturday, so don't think that weekends are out. I'm not sure when acceptances came last year but if it was late January too I wouldn't expect sooner this year.</p>