<p>This Thread Is Only For Celebrian's Use Of Posting Her Awe-inspiring 10,000th Post!!! Her Glory Will Be Preserved On This Thread And Her Legacy Will Live Through The Ages Of College Admission Boards.</p>

<p>Moderators: Please Lock This Thread After Celebrian Posts Number 10,000.</p>

<p>Godspeed Stacey.</p>

<p>She can't post her 10,000th post here, y'know... Cafe posts don't add to post count.</p>

<p>Hahaha. ..... ..</p>

<p>didnt know that</p>

<p>There's so many posts about me lol! :D :D The moment will arrive soon enough :)</p>

<p>I can't wait...I hope I'm home lol.</p>

<p>I'm not sure when I'll post it, but I want to wait until some of the regulars get on. :) I was thinking 7. Goldfish gave the idea of 10:00 which is clever but that exceeds my patience. For now I'm stuck to posting in the darned cafe. :)</p>

<p>No! 10:00 is a good idea! I had that idea too. It'll be awesome. (No wait... wait until October 10, 2010, at 10:00 AM... then it'll be 10/10/10 10:00:00)</p>

<p>We'll see...I want to at least finnish all my application rough drafts tonight, so it might be 10 it might not be ;)</p>

<p>so first off i've never been in the cafe.<br>
anyhoo, when i got home from school i completely crashed for two hours (it was lovely) and when i woke up i thought hmmm wonder if celebrian's posted her 10,000th post yet.</p>

<p>I'm so freaking bored. I don't want to post my 10k post yet, it's still too early, but cc is usually what I mainly do! Haha. So working on usc application in the mean time! :D</p>

<p>woahhhhhhhhhhhh im applying to usc too how wicked would it be if we both end up there...lol</p>

<p>anyways can't wait to see the 10k post celebrian!!!!!!!! :) this seems like the biggest moment in CC history ever ...there are like 40 billion threads on it....its even more popular than gunner and lily's wedding LOLLL.... now thats saying something :D</p>

<p>Grrr....how come even gunner doesn't even know why it stopped? I wanted to be the bridesmaid/ringbearer! I want this wedding to happen! :)</p>

<p>omg when is 10 in nz time?
I hate all these time diffreneces. Why can't it just be the same for everywhere?</p>

<p>it's 10 in roughly 1 hour, 50 minutes. :) If you won't be on then, it shall be sad :) (I'm going by cc time even though it's a few minutes off) :p</p>

<p>lol ok ill be back @ 9:55 sharp then.....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate chem</p>

<p>celebrian have you noticed how my posts are getting more and more random by the day? lol</p>

<p>and what's wrong with that? I love randomness. Seriously, it's killing me to not be able to spread randomness over the whole of cc!</p>

<p>lolll celebrian you make me feel a whole lot better about being a random-crazy-CC-addict :D :rolleyes: hehe...</p>

<p>celebrian- Why does your post count still say 9,999????</p>

<p>I'm practically the definition of cc addict! I spend more time on here than can possibly be healthy for me! :D</p>