Cell phone company?


<p>So, Im moving to Yale in the fall (Class of 2014) and I need a cell phone.</p>

<p>Im looking for a good plan that has texting/calling to Canada (Im from there, so calling family would be nice), and then data/texting/minutes in the USA as well (preferably unlimited and/or a LOT)</p>

<p>Im currently looking at Boost Mobile or Simple Mobile, since they have the best plans and have service at Yale, but does anyone else know of a plan in the $50-80 per month range that would give me all of that?</p>


<p>I use Virgin Mobile. Not sure about unlimited prices, or calling to Canada, but I live comfortably on a 30 dollar bill.</p>

<p>Awesome thanks... and you get service just fine at Yale/the north east in general?</p>