Cell Phone/iPod Upgrade Strategy

<p>My D will be a freshman at an OOS public this fall. She currently has an old vanilla LG cell phone that she likes, and an iPod Nano that is full and barely runs due to a weak battery. So she is replacing the iPod for sure. She is not very tech-savvy, and she likes simple things that just work. Old style texting is fine with her. Which of the following make sense (or make no sense) and have I missed any good scenarios?</p>

<p>1) upgrade to a new Nano, and get her a new LG phone to ensure battery life, etc.
2) consolidate to an iPhone for her music and phone needs
3) keep the LG phone but move to an iTouch to handle her music needs, getting her internet and email access when on the go. I assume an iTouch also be used for calendar, alarm clock, photos, and much more?
4) buy her a smartphone (Blackberry, Nokia, Palm) to replace the LG, plus buy a Nano for music. </p>

<p>I am leaning to #3 because I think an iTouch would be useful, and she likes #1 because it is familiar and simple. </p>

<p>I also have laptop/printer questions, but will save that for a future post.</p>

<p>I would consolidate to the iPhone. I have had it for over a year, and it has made life a whole lot easier! I can listen to music, update my calendar, and text/call my friends/family by using one device. </p>

<p>Hope this helped!</p>

<p>Match the devices to the user. She sounds like a person who wants music, texting, and tele only.</p>

<p>Does she run with the iPod ? If so, keep it small or smaller.
Does she drop things ? If so, definitely stay away from smartphones.
Does the gadget live in a pocket, or a purse ? Any device that does not comfortably fit in the storage niche of choice is going to be left at home.</p>

<p>I'm guessing that you are buying a present. Perhaps ask her if her current gadgets lack anything. Does she keen to facebook with her phone ? Watch videos ? Video conference ? Have on-the-go maps ? Use Pandora ? Any cannot-live-without-them software programs currently being used on a desktop that would be even better on a smartphone ?</p>


<p>My son is starting college too, and lugs around a simple phone in one pocket, an iTouch in another pocket, and a notebook computer in his backpack -- plus textbooks and assorted paper. Unlike old people like his parents, he already tends to read on the iTouch screen, so I am encouraging him to consider textbooks in electronic versions. This is not an obvious choice, mostly related to access and ability to scribble on the book. He chose paper for his o-chem book, but electronic for the spanish textbook. Potentialy, swapping out two or three textbooks for a notebook computer or an Apple iPad could be quite nice.</p>

<p>There are really many ways to connect these days, and one size does not fit all. My wife is delighted by her iPhone, because she never learned to text on T9 phones, and uses a particular software every day as well as the iPod feature at the gym. I see no reason to change out my slim 5 (?) year old RAZR cell phone, and I happily use a MacBook Air for more usual desktop computer applications, but also texting, chatting, email and browsing. I have an old iPod for the gym.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the quick feedback -- sounds to me like the iTouch and a standard cell phone may be the way to go. This way she has all of what she had with the nano, does not lose her familiar cell phone, and gets all the new features to ease into new technologies with the iTouch. She will also have a laptop with her for general use. </p>

<p>I like the iPhone idea, but she seems to be resistant to it. Not sure why...maybe I can get her to an Apple store to try it out. </p>

<p>Will watch for other opinions/recommendations -- all suggestions very welcome and appreciated!</p>