Cell Phone Reception at Syracuse

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>I'm officially attending Syracuse next year, woohoo!</p>

<p>Can any students there rank the cell phone reception out of these choices: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, ATT. Sprint would probably be cheapest for me, but I want to know if it totally sucks at Syracuse before I get anything.</p>


<p>My son goes to Syracuse and he has the best service with Verizon</p>

<p>I visited Syracuse a few weeks ago. I have t-mobile and my phone was fine.</p>

<p>Edit: in my opinion t-mobile doesn't have the best service, but their plans are very cheap!</p>


<p>Anyone have any input on Sprint?</p>

<p>When I stayed on campus I had Verizon its great.</p>

<p>there aren't a whole lot of Syracuse students on this forum, so you'd probably have better luck asking the question on facebook.</p>

the best solution for you would be to get a personal cell</a> phone signal booster that is dual band meaning it will work for both 1900 and 850 mhz frequency and it will pretty much work with all carriers.</p>

<p>I was at SU for homecoming in the fall with my children. Our AT&T cellular phones worked well wherever we went.</p>

<p>Rising senior here and I've had Verizon for the past 3 years without any problem.</p>

<p>Thanks guys!</p>

<p>Depending on where you're put, Shaw Hall is going to have terrible reception. (especially if you're using T-mobile)</p>

<p>Verizon is too expensive for me. What's the next-best alternative?</p>

<p>House of London, maybe you can input here, since you're a student.</p>

<p>Reception wise, AT&T would be the next best option. Best plan and affordability would be T-Mobile. But I'm sure there's a way you can make AT&T affordable.many students use the I-phone and find AT&T as a great service.</p>

<p>So does ANYONE have Sprint at all?</p>

<p>It's dirt cheap with the student discount, $14 less a month than AT+T. How bad is it?</p>