Cell phone reception

<p>so i was wondering if any of you would know if getting the LG Shine with the company at&t, i would then have good cell phone reception santa barbara??</p>


<p>I was about to post the exact same question!! </p>

<p>What I have found out is that the LG Shine has horrible reception :[</p>

<p>But idk because I really want this phone :]
If not I'll get another LG with Verizon.
I hear they have the best reception.</p>

<p>If so, what's reception like on campus???</p>

<p>Cellular</a> Coverage Reports </p>

<p>Go there, if its updated then it should reallllly help!</p>

<p>Thank you so much for that!!! It was such a huge help!</p>

<p>cell phone booster systems have long been used in campuses and government facilities. Trying to fix the problem on the phone is not very effective as opposed to fixing the over all cell</a> phone signal and cell phone booster systems can solve it as long as you have a cell tower in the vicinity of your facility.</p>