Cell Phone Service

<p>Are there any cell phone providers whose service is markedly better, or worse than the others in the area?</p>

<p>I don't know about better or worse, but Verizon is just fine all along the I-77 corridor and on the Davidson campus itself--and it's very widely used among students so the in-network unlimited minute plans are very useful.</p>

<p>Definitely Verizon from what I'm told.</p>

<p>My D was able to use her Verizon during Junior Day on campus, while a young man standing next to her could not get a connection with his Sprint phone..don't know whether that was an isolated problem though...</p>

<p>My daughter has encountered no problem using Alltel.</p>

<p>When I came to campus I switched to Verizon, I think it is the most preferred around campus for the "in" network as well as it gets the best service by far. However, we just got a cingular tower so evidently those phones are working much better now.</p>