cell phone service...

<p>what providers offer the best service at emory and in atlanta?
im looking at verizon, sprint, and at&t. i'm verizon now but i was thinking of changing to sprint bc their blackberry plans are alot cheaper</p>

<p>generally i would take a guess and say at&t.</p>

<p>primarily, when i was in atlanta, it was nearly perfect. also, they're headquartered down there</p>

<p>I had att when i got to college this was 4 years ago, and had to switch because service was patchy. I think they have improved over the years by adding more towers around Atlanta. however, i have never had problems with verizon, Verizon is consistently number one on consumer reports for best service in Atlanta. additionally customer service at ATT sucks!</p>

<p>my sister currently goes to emory and has at&t. it works great.</p>

<p>either one would work. Everything works there</p>

<p>does any1 know if sprint has good service?</p>

<p>In Atlanta they do. Don't go out of town though because you will have no service.</p>

<p>what about alltel?</p>

<p>To my knowledge, Alltel is not in Atlanta My daughter switched from Sprint to what is now AT&T when she moved to Atlanta because Sprint did not cover her suburban area well. Shortly after, she switched to Verizon, and she has found it the best of all.</p>

<p>Really? When I visited Emory in December, I remember making and recieving calls on my cell phone with relative ease...but I suppose that just means IN GENERAL, the service isn't as reliable?</p>

<p>My daughter has AT&T and has had no problems. Her boyfriend is at GaTech and has Verizon and he hasn't had any problems.</p>

<p>my friends have alltell, it works well</p>

<p>thanks :) </p>

<p>10 charac.</p>