cell phone service

<p>i was wondering how all of the different carriers work at the university? (verizon, sprint, at&t and tmobile) and which is the best? also do most students have a smartphone?</p>

<p>We asked the same thing last year, and ended up with verizon. D says it's perfectly fine. She also says a lot of people have blackberries.</p>

<p>I use tmobile and get a signal everywhere except for elevators and the middle of the cox building (it's made of stone). We're in such a metropolitan area that any provider should work, though: go with what is cheapest.</p>

<p>We have Sprint service. Son uses the Blackberry. We all have different phones and they all get goo reception in the area.</p>

<p>As Coral Gables is a built up area, I would expect all major carriers to have cell towers there.</p>