Cell Phones

<p>What cell phone provider is good in pittsburgh? Cause i wanna cell phone serivice with good reception? (Is is AT&T, Is it Verizon, Is it T-Mobile)</p>

<p>well, i'm not at pitt, but i go to highschool like right on campus...i have tmobile, works fine.</p>

<p>honestly though, i think everything will work, pittsburgh is a city so cell phone reception is generally good.</p>

<p>Verizon also works fine.</p>

<p>i agree w/ woohoo...</p>

<p>verizon works</p>

<p>Just one thing...T Mobile is dead whenever you even encounter a bit of thick walls (Cathedral of Learning) or basements. Other than that it is ok most of the time.</p>

<p>ATT also works fine all over campus, as do most carriers. Get the plan that suits you best.</p>