Cello studies in Washington state

<p>My daughter is a couple of years away from the bulk of the college search, but I thought we might start doing a little calibration close to home. Does anyone have any opinions on the following:</p>

<p>University of Washington (Seattle) - Toby Saks
Western Washington University (Bellingham) - Dr. John Friesen
Central Washington University (Ellensberg) - John Michel</p>


<p>All 3 are great teachers and it would be a good idea to send them emails for a trial lesson. That way your daughter meets the teachers and sees the schools at the same time. John Michel has a summer chamber music camp, Kairos Lyceum, which might interest her. Marrowstone Music Festival, a Seattle Youth Symphony summer music program is held at WWU- a great orchestra and chamber music experience.</p>

<p>Hi Wel,</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. She got a chance to work with John Michel a little last summer at the Evergreen Music Festival. She is considering Marrowstone for this year, but is still undecided. We will definitely look for trial lessons as time goes on.</p>

<p>John Michel is great! He's an amazing cellist and is a great teacher as well. As far as the state schools in Washington go, I would say Central has a better string program. It'd be a nice place for chamber music as well since the Kairos Quartet is there and they're a lot of fun to work with. </p>

<p>University of Puget Sound is currently interviewing for a new artist in residence candidate, in other words, a new cello/chamber music professor. We've interviewed two candidates so far, both of whom were really great. On monday, David Requiro is coming for an interview. He just won last year's Naumburg competition for cello. All the candidates are really qualified so it wouldn't hurt considering Puget Sound as an option as well.</p>

<p>Hi Gyoun09,</p>

<p>Thanks for the info on Puget Sound!</p>

<p>I just saw the announcement that David Requiro is the new cello artist in residence at UPS. He sounds like a great addition!</p>

<p>cellopop, I sent you a PM.</p>