Central College-Pella IA anyone?

I went Central College for undergrad. It is an LAC in a cute/small rural Iowa town rich in Dutch heritage. I noticed that tuition is just $18,600/year. It appears to have auto merit chart in the flyer we received recently where a student adds their GPA scholarship amount (4.0=$5,000, 3.75-3.99=$4,500, 3.5-3.74=$4,000, 3.0-3/49=$3,500, 2.99 and below=$2,500) to their test score scholarship amount (ACT 28-36=$3,000, 23-27=$1,500, 22 and below=$500…OR…SAT 1300-1600=$3000, 11130-1290=$1500, 1120 and below=$500) to determine total scholarship amount. There is also a scholar day that could increase this amount up to full tuition and I think various other scholarships. I thought I’d pass along this information about a college that I consider a hidden gem for the right student even though it was not one that either of my kids decided to put on their list. We wanted S19 to be closer to home and he only applied to 2 colleges and D21 wants warm, so that did not fit the criteria. I still think it is a great college for someone looking for an affordable LAC. I also appreciate an auto merit chart with additional opportunities for merit.

@1Lotus Hi! I went there 1994-1996! Loved the town and Tulip Time. They’ve made some neat improvements to downtown.

Yes they recently dropped their tuition (while also dropping their scholarships). So generally the net price before the change was the same after the change. (For my DD’s stats, about $24K/year COA.) Though I think they have improved it a bit because now I see it would be $22.8K for her.

DD’17 toured and I still loved it but didn’t have her major and private college still not in our budget. Folks from other parts of the country might find it a bargain though!

@bjscheel My sister graduated from Central '95 :smile: