Central vs Southwest Residential Halls

<p>I have finally narrowed down my residential hall choice at UMass to either Van Meter in Central or Cance Hall a low rise hall in Southwest. Which one would be better? Definitely joining a RAP in either one. I am outgoing, but quiet. I am not much of a partier. I'm artsy and I think Van Meter is perfect for me, but I really like how Southwest is so close to everything especially the two best dining halls. Any opinions?</p>

<p>isn’t southwest supposed to be the “party” dorm? I don’t go to UMASS Amherst yet but I’ve heard rumors.</p>

<p>Hey SuperKent. I’m currently a freshman at UMass. Based on what you have said, I would recommend that you try for Van Meter…Van Meter houses lots of artsy RAPs. Southwest is definitely louder than Central. Both would be fun places to live, and as an outgoing person, you would be fine in either place. If you are quiet and prefer quiet, Central is probably the better choice. The Southwest dining halls are indeed the best, but Frank (the closest dining hall to Van Meter) is still good food - UMass has the 3rd best dining in the country.</p>

<p>I am sure that if you have done your research, you have heard of the many stereotypes regarding the various UMass residential areas. To be honest, they are quite true. While I encourage you to make the best decision for yourself, I also recommend that you listen to such reviews as those stereotypes as hints as to which area is best for you.</p>

<p>I currently live in the CHCRC, however, Van Meter would have been my #1 choice dorm. My friends and I actually went to go see it the other day - it is absolutely beautiful. Central is a very beautiful area in general, but Van Meter is a wonderful dorm. It was recently renovated, and is the perfect blend of classic collegiate dorm style and modern, bright colors and funky decor. We are so jealous of their basement…such a cool place to hang out. If you get the chance to see it, I highly recommend.</p>

<p>In the end, choose where you feel most comfortable. At NSO, you will have a chance to explore the residential areas and can decide then which feels more comfortable to you.</p>

<p>Happy choosing! Good luck, and welcome to UMass!</p>

<p>You’re in for the greatest year of your life.</p>