Certain threads not loading

<a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/college-confidential-cafe/247608-everyones-favorite-thread.html[/url]”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/college-confidential-cafe/247608-everyones-favorite-thread.html</a>

Everyone’s Favorite Thread, in the Cafe, doesn’t load. More specifically, the last page doesn’t load. Just the last page. You can still post in it, using Quick Reply from a different page, but it never takes you to the last page, it just takes forever loading.

Is this just me? I found it odd that it was only this thread.

there were more than that…3 other threads wouldn’t load for me.

Is it OK now?

nope, still not fixed…I can access the threads but there is a page in each of them that i still cant access

For example, right now i cannot access the last page of the "Who’s going to be the last person to post in this thread? " thread.

why doesn’t CC work for me anymore? Specifically, I can’t find any tech support on this site…I have to hit ‘refresh’ maybe 15-20 times just to get a page fully loaded. If anyone has help on this, please let me know! Thanks!

Hi areomom…sorry for the long queue. Are you still having issues with the site? I am not aware that we’ve had any server issues as of late. Did you try another browser or a different computer?

Again, sorry that your message wasn’t noticed earlier.